The Porta Cycle Data Radar

Mobility combined with the benefits of the High Quality Cycle Data Radar

In order to properly map the actual daily use of bike paths, municipalities and provinces need accurate bike data and preferably get them from multiple locations. At various measurement locations, a choice is made to install a permanent bicycle counting system. In addition, fieldworkers are deployed, who carry out manual bicycle counts for a short period of time in order to generate some bicycle data at other locations. 

In addition to the need for insight into bicycle data from multiple locations, a road diversion for example, and its consequences with regard to congestion on the bike path may be a reason for a brief measurement.  Perhaps local authorities may want to have short-term bike counts be carried out in order to be able to combine bicycle data generated from multiple locations with available floating data.

The Porta Cycle Data Radar can easily be used at any desired location for a short period of time to replace manual counts. This mobile bicycle counting system is equipped with the High Quality Cycle Data Radar, which allows 24/7 measurement of the number of vehicles on the bicycle path, bicycle direction, speeds and times with an accuracy of more than 95%, even during peak hours.


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