Hybride Cycle Data Radar

Contactless bicycle count measuring system

The Hybrid Cycle Data Radar is a non-contact bicycle counting and measuring system with an accuracy of no less than 98-99%. The Hybrid Cycle Data Radar will achieve this high accuracy rate during peak hours as well. The Hybrid Cycle Data Radar can be adjusted in a highly targeted manner, which prevents unwanted data around the measurement location.

All Hybrid Cycle Data Radars are provided with energy from solar panels

Interface My Cycle Traffic™

In response to the need for a network of safe bicycle paths, we have set the translation of the data that we collect via our interface with the Cycle Data Radar, My Cycle Traffic™, to the amount of vehicles, the time, the direction, as well as the speed of these vehicles. By means of the interface, each user can determine the speed limits or speed intervals that can be selected, as they see fit.

The Hybride Cycle Data Radar enables data generation to answer questions such as:

  • How many vehicles are using the bicycle path, in which direction, and at which speeds – per daypart, day, week or month;
  • How many vehicles are on the bicycle path during the morning and evening peak hours.


The Hybride Cycle Data Radar is installed, configured and activated on location with the use of a laptop. The measurement quality will be verified right away. After a successful test the radar will be notified as active in the system. The built-in GPRS communications system in the radar control unit makes it possible to remotely communicate with the system and to receive the data and analyze data via the online web-based interface My Cycle Traffic.

Semi-permanent application

With the Hybride Cycle Data Radar you can have (semi)-permanent bicycle counting measurements taken on your desired locations.
Hybride Cycle Data Radar product specifications:

De productspecificaties van de Hybride Cycle Data Radar:

Kenmerken Cycle Data Radar

Configuration2 directions
Count accuracy98-99%
Speed accuracy+/- 3 km/h
Operating time365/24 solar system
Sensor typeRadar 24,125 GHZ + light emitting sensor
AnalyzeWeb based interface
ApprovalCE approval
Operating voltage12 V (solar)
-20/+60° C
DimensionsL24*D13,5*H19 cm
Weight< 2 kg, excl. accu
Speed range3-255 km/h
Resolution1 kmh/0,5 m
Installation height1,65 to 2 m, depending on environment