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Interview with new Monotch vendor partner Cycledata

Interview with Cees van der Zijl – Sales & Strategy Manager at Cycledata about the Monotch partnership

Can you briefly explain what Cycledata’s activities are?

With the Signum, Cycledata provides municipalities and provinces with qualitative real data from bicycles on cycle paths. We do this with an accuracy of more than 95%, even during peak hours and without using any algorithms. Cities can gain insight into the number of bicycles driving there, in which direction, at what speed and at what time on the cycle path. Our unique feature is the high accuracy, even at busy times and that the data is real-time. Resulting that the Signum can also be used as an i-Signum by linking it up to an intelligent traffic light controller (iTLC) to realize a flow of cyclists. The traffic light can therefore switch to green sooner or remain green longer based on the measurements by the i-Signum and the link via Monotch’s Talking Traffic platform.

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More information?


More employees on bikes

More employees on bikes

Tour de Force asks national government, provinces and municipalities to give more priority to promoting employee bicycle use. The reasons for this, as provided by the government, are as follows.

Tour de Force government initiative

Tour de Force government initiative

In the next ten years, cycling will become a priority within the Netherlands’ mobility policy. The emphasis will be mainly on the growth of densely populated inner cities. The bicycle helps improve accessibility, has a positive effect on air quality, helps solve traffic congestion problems…