Cycle Data BV introduces High Quality Cycle Data Radar

Cycle Data BV is proud to present the new roadside bicycle counting system: The High Quality Cycle Data Radar. This innovative bicycle counting system has recently passed the end of line tests with flying colors. This makes the High Quality Cycle Data Radar the most accurate and most vandalism proof roadside bicycle counting system currently on the market.


The High Quality Cycle Data Radar is the successor of the Hybrid Cycle Data Radar that was introduced by Cycle Data BV in 2018. The most important improvements are the fact that the High Quality Cycle Data Radar is robust, has a minimal disruption rate and is more resistant to vandalism. In addition, The High Quality Cycle Data Radar measures cycling data with a high accuracy of more than 95%, even during peak hours. This has been proven in various tests in different locations and under different conditions. The system has successfully passed these tests.

In 2018, Cycle Data BV introduced her first roadside bicycle counting system that was capable of counting bicyclist riding side-by-side and riding in groups during peak hours. This is based on the idea that it is precisely during the peak hours when safety decreases on bike paths because of the large quantities and diversity of vehicles that are traveling at different speeds along the bike path.

In the development of this first roadside bicycle counting system, Cycle Data BV aimed at three key criteria:

  1. a high degree of accuracy of the bicycle counting measurements;
  2. simple and (semi)-permanent Plug & Play installation and setup;
  3. cycling data that can be monitored and analyzed easily in real-time via an online web-based interface.

With much success: due to the optimal combination of radar, laser and software, the measurements of the Hybrid Cycle Data Radar produce data with an accuracy and reliability of 98-99% during peak hours.

Fourth criterion

Although the Hybrid Cycle Data Radar delivers excellent results in practice and municipalities that work with the radar are very satisfied, there is another aspect that is a thorn in the side of Cycle Data BV itself: vandalism. A laser should hang relatively low in order to achieve a high degree of accuracy. In most cases, this will be no problem at all, but unfortunately such a low positioning leads to vandalism in some cases.

Cycle Data BV set a fourth criterion:

  1. Robust, minimal sensitivity to disruption and vandalism proof, not only because of the casing, but also by mounting it at a sufficient height of at least 2.5 meters to 4 meters.

Parallel to the development and testing phases of the Hybrid Cycle Data Radar, an international team of radar specialists has been engaged to work on a bicycle counting radar equipped with high-end applications that meets all four criteria: the High Quality Cycle Data Radar.

The High Quality Cycle Radar:

  • measures variables such as distance, speed, direction of travel, signal strength and position;
  • communicates with on a 24 GHz radar frequency, the most reliable frequency in all weather conditions;
  • is robust and has a life span of 10 years;
  • has a minimal sensitivity for faults;
  • is vandalism proof thanks to the casing and by mounting the radar at a minimum height of 2.5 to 4 meters;
  • only removes the collected data from the radar control unit after they have been sent to the central server for historical storage;
  • is supplied with energy through a solar panel;
  • The integrated Remote Battery Control (RBC) prevents data loss in the event of insufficient power supply.

User-friendly data

The data that is generated by the radar will be sent to a server automatically. Users can analyze the cycling data from behind their desk by using the online web-based interface, My Cycle Traffic™. It can instantly be seen how many vehicles are on the bike path at any time, at what speed they are traveling and in which direction. And this data is presented with an accuracy of more than 95% – also during peak hours. The interface has been developed in cooperation with the city of Rotterdam, fully tailored to the needs of the users and aimed at user-friendliness of the interface.

The complete product as supplied and installed by Cycle Data B.V., consists of:

  • HQCDR with Radar Control Unit (includes Modem/GPRS, Data Storage, Remote Battery Control) and connectors
  • Radar casing, bracket and bracket mounting
  • Vandalism-resistant cabinet

All High Quality Cycle Data Radars are provided with energy from solar panels


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