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Accurate, reliable cycling data, even during peak hours!

In the green city, the smart city of the future, the aim is to minimize the use of vehicles that impact on the urban environment. Municipalities and provinces are already faced with the task of promoting bicycle use and increasing bicycle accessibility – for instance by creating, maintaining and expanding an optimal, safe bicycle path network. In order to make the right decisions, they need reliable data on residents’ and regional cycling behaviour and cycle traffic flows.


Interface My Cycle Traffic™

In response to the need for a network of safe bicycle paths, we have set the translation of the data that we collect via our interface with the Cycle Data Radar, My Cycle Traffic™, to the amount of vehicles, the time, the direction, as well as the speed of these vehicles. By means of the interface, each user can determine the speed limits or speed intervals that can be selected, as they see fit.
More bicycles and fewer cars contribute to climate and energy objectives, have a positive effect on air quality and make a city greener, quieter, healthier and safer. In addition, a bicycle takes up little space. Cycling can therefore be the answer to the growing problems related to nature, the environment and the climate, as well as to the problem of increasingly limited urban space.

Cycle Data introduces an innovation within the world of contactless bicycle counting systems, namely the High Quality Cycle Data Radar. This bicycle counting radar measures with an accuracy of more than 95%, even during peak hours.

Measuring instruments such as the Cycle Data Radar enable local authorities to collect the necessary data on cycling behaviour. These data provide insight into the traffic flows, enabling informed decisions on mobility policy, system and infrastructure. In addition, the Radar not only enables municipalities and provinces to collect information, but also enables feedback and the influencing of behaviour.

More employees on bikes

More employees on bikes

The government wants to promote cycling. While individual employees are certainly willing to think about this, they also have objections. The positions on either side sometimes only differ in the details - yet sometimes they are completely opposed.

Our installion partner in bicycle mobility

Bron verkeersvoorzieningen

Cycle Data BV strives to deliver reliability and a high level of service, which is why we have chosen to collaborate with Bron Verkeersvoorzieningen for all aspects related to the assembly and disassembly of the Cycle Data Radar throughout the Netherlands. They operate in a fast, efficient, practical and professional way, minimize traffic interruption and are a reliable partner. In addition, Bron Verkeersvoorzieningen has the necessary experience, knowledge and expertise with regard to the assembly, disassembly and adjustment of measuring instruments such as Cycle Data Radars.


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